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In the Image of the Immaculate, Be a Sign of Truth and Holiness

In the Image of the Immaculate, Be a Sign of Truth and Holiness

December 8 is the official date on which the clergy of the Society of Saint Pius X enter into or renew their engagements. The following lines are taken from the homily delivered by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on December 8, 1972, on the occasion of the engagement of members of the very young fraternity founded two years earlier. They have lost none of their relevance.

Those who offer themselves to God in the priesthood, who will therefore have to make to come down—like the Virgin Mary—on the altar in this world, Our Lord Jesus Christ, at the touch of their hands, to give Him to others, how much more must their souls be immaculate!

With joy we will today receive the oblations of those who wish to offer their lives, to offer their souls to the service of God, to the service of the altar, as the Blessed Virgin Mary had been in the service of Our Lord!

Today, I ask for it in a very special way—and we will ask it all together, will we not?—that our Fraternity be a sign of truth, a sign of holiness, a sign of removal from sin, a sign of remoteness from all the scandals of the world, so that we too are the sign of the Virgin Mary, like the Virgin Mary.

This is what we must wish. So really, we will fulfill our role, so that we will truly be of the Church. Then truly we will be sons of Mary, on this condition alone.

But if we should again, unfortunately, become people attracted to the world, willing to compromise with the things of the world and with error, we would no longer be worthy sons of Mary, nor worthy disciples of Our Lord .

This is what we will ask today during this holy Mass, for all those present here, and especially for those who, in a moment, will pronounce their oblation and their engagement in the Fraternity.

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